Reference letter from Professional Linguistic and Upper Studies



PAWEL worked for Plus in 2 centres this year as a residential English Language teacher at our summer school in Canterbury and Chatham for foreign teenagers. In each case, he worked on a short-term contract teaching EFL classes in the mornings and some afternoons.

Pawel is very effective and self aware practitioner. As an excellent teacher he is devoted and hard working. His lesson plans were very detailed with clear and achievable aims and his timing of activities was good with students highly motivated and enthusiastic.

He focuses a lot on incorporating pronunciation into lessons and is currently doing phonology research to write a paper on accents. His journalistic background supports the importance of catering for students' needs by providing useful and interesting activities and topics to totally engage the learners through a variety of media.

He is very responsible, well organised, reliable and very flexible. He was never late or absent and completed paper work to a high standard. He is a team member to totally count on.

Plus highly recommend Pawel and would be happy to offer him future work and totally support his application.

Yours faithfully,

Nicola Alford


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