What’s wrong with ‘Institutions’? Children without parental care.


Brussels, Bruxelles, street, poor, social exclusion, beggers, dirty, brudne miasto, graffiti, zniszczone kamienice, Bruksela, brzydka twarz Brukseli“Institutions” are segregating residential care facilities where children are placed after being separated from their birth families or if they have no families at all.

In many cases timely support of the birth families would have prevented such separation, but there is no assistance and the children are placed in institutions. Being brought up without parents is detrimental for the children’s well-being, their emotional development and the result of such environment may be damaging for their future lives. Institutions are homes for hundreds of children, who cannot be taken care of properly, because there are too many of them. Their individual and emotional development is thus neglected, unlike in the family environment. Children in institutions don’t get enough love, individual support and attention and therefore, institutions are considered to be  particularly damaging for them. It is crucial that transformation of children’s services was promoted and action taken to improve the quality of the care provided to them.


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