Why letter writing has become less popular?

Nowadays letter writing is becoming less and less popular. People have not only become reluctant to spend so much time at their desks, making their writing legible and then rush to the post office, buy stamps and send these little works of art, but also unwilling to wait ages for the response while they could receive it an hour later. Time is not the main reason, though, why letter writing has become so unpopular. In fact, there are three real causes that influenced this phenomenon.
            Firstly, technology has become much more advanced than it used to be in the past. There is a computer in almost every household. Even children are taught how to use it. Internet and related to it e-mails and instant messengers are far more effective than old-fashioned letters. People do not have to wait for the response for ever, because it is almost immediate. It not only saves people’s time and energy, but also money. Moreover, instant messengers, like Gadu-Gadu or Google Talk, have nowadays become so advanced that you do not even have to type to communicate but you can talk just like on the ordinary phone. It is also worth noticing that all your internet calls are for free.
            If you haven’t got internet at home, you still can communicate much more efficiently than by writing a letter thanks to a wide range of mobile phones. Today, there are many operators who not only offer cheap phone calls to their clients and free sms’es, but also phones for free. Therefore, there are so many people who are too lazy to write a whole letter if they can write an SMS, which is shorter, easier to write and does not require that much effort. Moreover, if an operator gives you a few hundred free text messages, you have to use them anyway.
            Another reason why people stopped writing letters is that there are so many means of transport nowadays and they are so much cheaper than in the past that people can actually meet instead of writing to each other. Cars have become much more comfortable and more and more people can afford them and go to different places. Flights are also very cheap, and some of them cost next to nothing, as many newly created airlines want to encourage new customers and be competitive. Because of this, people prefer to visit each other instead of writing letters.
            All in all, those causes resulted in one more reason why most of us would rather not write a letter. Because for so many years we were used to using so undemanding means of communication as internet chats, phone calls or text messages, lots of people actually cannot write a decent letter, which is another good reason for not doing it. What is more, the forthcoming years are not going to bring us any more hope that this beautiful skill as letter writing will come back to us one day.


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