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Cameroon – Hell on Earth

Cameroon – Hell on Earth
In the eyes of western civilizations, living conditions in Cameroon, a central African country, are simply unacceptable. For the locals, however, the terrible situation in their country is customary and absolutely normal.  
Among the most shattering customs in Cameroon is the need for the young, teenage girls to work as prostitutes. They often do it of their own choice, having no other prospects for the future. What is even more dramatic, some of them are being sent by their fathers or relatives to do such a job to be able to financially support their families. Girls are often abused and maltreated, and very rarely have any chance of getting married as legal relationships in Cameroon are not in fashion. Because of that, there are a lot of women upbringing several children of different fathers and their poverty does not let the children attend any school. Analphabetism and lack of education exclude the chance to get any respectable jobs and it all comes full circle.
Polygamy is everyday issue, whereas homosexualism is strictly forbidden. Even for a mere suspicion of a person being a homosexual, one may be sentenced to tortures and 5 years’ imprisonment.
Tourists who visit the country usually want to forget about the abominable sights they have seen and feelings they have experienced. They want to enjoy their holidays, without bothering to ponder over the situation. Sister Tadeusza, a Polish missionary, describing the whole reality of life there, calls for help and understanding. If one wants to make a difference, anything is possible. She has already helped 24 students of Cameroon by giving a small donation for their education. If more people are willing to help, the conditions in Cameroon will certainly improve and the lives of many inhabitants will be saved.
If you want to help, write to sister Tadeusza: [email protected]


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