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Fast food vs. home-made food

Today’s people are obsessed with making careers, money, fast life and, what is unconceivable, but true, fast food. The question is what we would have done without our beloved McDonald’s, bistros, fish and chips bars and Chinese take-aways. Nowadays it is really difficult for people to think about family life, let alone properly cooked meals. Whereas many can argue that junk food can be less expensive, nutritious, less problematic and fast, they don’t know how wrong they are.
First of all, if we compared prices of those fine meals in expensive restaurants to a simple hamburger with chips, it will be obvious that it is much cheaper to eat some fast food. However, we don’t have to eat out. There is nothing healthier than going to a greengrocer’s, choosing some fresh vegetables, visiting butcher’s, buying nice meat and preparing our own, delicious meal. Not only will we know what we eat, but also we can choose ingredients and spices according to our taste.
The second thing worth considering is nutrition. One may wonder what is so bad about those delicious hamburgers if they have all the salads in them, which are vitamins, and a roll with seeds. We would be right if it was not for the fact that white bread is fattening. In addition to this, the hamburger rolls contain raising agents, which are chemical substances making them unnaturally soft. Obviously, it is terribly unhealthy for our organisms. Therefore, when we eat them from time to time, we may not notice its detrimental effect on our health, but living on them may prove destructive for us.
It may be falsely claimed that fast food is much less problematic than cooking ordinary meal and better, because fast. The people, who believe in it, never take into consideration the fact that in order to visit some bar you need to get there, while everybody else also has their lunch break and there are huge traffic jams. Then, wait for you food in a never-ending queue and then, once you got it, wait for your table, if you are not lucky enough to get one instantly. The time spent at home, preparing your meal can be compared to one while eating out. Moreover, once you learn how to cook reasonably quickly and efficiently, you will do it in even shorter time. In addition to this, you may always cook every second day, but some larger quantity to have your food ready-made and waiting to be re-heated the next day. Not only will you save some time but also eat in comfortable, unstressful conditions of your own house.
All in all, if we spent a while thinking about all the advantages and disadvantages of stuffing ourselves with junk food while in constant rush and terror of stress, we would know that our organism has enough problems with our unhealthy way of life to add to it any more of them. The problem with people is that they don’t even have this one spare moment to consider it and therefore, to change our eating habits nowadays is close to impossible. And this is the reason of not choosing home-made food, even though it is much healthier, it takes more less the same time and is only a bit more expensive.
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Paweł Rogaliński
Dr Paweł Rogaliński jest politologiem, medioznawcą, filologiem oraz twórcą Przeglądu Dziennikarskiego. Od 2015 roku należy do prestiżowej grupy Światowych Odpowiedzialnych Liderów Fundacji BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt. Za swoje osiągnięcia nagradzany na całym świecie, m.in. w Londynie, Berlinie, Rio de Janeiro, Warszawie, Brukseli i Strasburgu. Ukończył następujące kierunki studiów na Uniwersytecie Łódzkim: stosunki międzynarodowe: nauki polityczne, zarządzanie oraz filologię angielską, osiągając przy tym ogólnokrajowe sukcesy naukowe (m.in. Studencki Nobel). W 2021 roku obronił na Uniwersytecie Jagiellońskim w Krakowie rozprawę doktorską pt. "Model polityka popularnego w komunikacji politycznej w państwach anglosaskich". Jego ostatnia książka pt. „Jak politycy nami manipulują. Zakazane techniki” (Wydawnictwo Sorus, Poznań 2013) z powodu dużej popularności doczekała się dodruku już w kilka miesięcy po wydaniu. Więcej na stronie oficjalnej: www.rogalinski.eu.


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