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Pawel Rogalinski – prized Polish journalist

Pawel Rogalinski – prized Polish journalist

Pawel Rogalinski 2013Paweł Rogaliński is a prized Polish journalist, writer and a spokesman of the Democratic Association in Poland. Paweł Rogaliński writes socio-political articles for all-Polish magazines and Polish minority newspapers all over the world (mainly in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Russia, Ireland).

In 2008 he set up a Journalist Blog (now: “Journalistic Review” www.przegladdziennikarski.pl and www.JournalisticReview.com ), which quickly gained a large number of readers. Today, the “Journalistic Review” accounts already gathered over 270.000 fans in the biggest social networking services in Poland: NK.pl and Facebook.com. The website www.przegladdziennikarski.pl has been awarded with the title ‘the Best Polish Blog three times so far and gained in 2011 the Best Private Website title. Paweł Rogaliński is now the editor-in-chief of the website, which editorial office consists of 14 journalists and bloggers.

Paweł Rogaliński has been awarded e.g. EU Journalist Award 2008: Special Award on the Roma (European Commission, London), The Citizen Journalist of 2009 (“Polityka” Magazine, Warsaw), “How to spend the EU budget?”, 1st prize (EPP in the European Parliament, Brussels) and many more in several contests all over Europe. He was also one of the five finalists of the contest Young European of the Year 2011 (Heinz-Schwarzkopf Foundation, Berlin). In 2015 he was awarded with the title Young Global Leader (and became a member of Responsible Leaders Network – Young Global Leaders) by BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt in Rio de Janeiro.

Paweł Rogaliński completed his education at the University of Lodz doing three faculties: English Studies (B.Ed.), International Relations: Political Science (M.A.) and Management (M.B.A.). During his studies he became the second best student in Poland in “Academic Nobel” competition, the category of Humanities. Since 2012 he has been doing a PhD research in PPE at the Jagiellonian University in London (Europaeum.org and Coimbra-group.eu member). Paweł Rogaliński published several books, e.g. “Jak politycy nami manipuluja” (“How politicians manipulate us”, 2013).

– source: 2nd Latin American Young Leaders Forum publication “Good Framework for Good Business”. BWM Foundation Herbert Quandt, Rio de Janeiro 2015.

Write an e-mail to Pawel Rogalinskihttp://www.rogalinski.eu/#7 or http://www.przegladdziennikarski.pl/formularz-kontaktowy/


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