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Polish Scottish Heritage Festival

Polish Scottish Heritage Festival

pol-engThe Polish Scottish Heritage Festival gets under way on 18 June with a packed programme of exhibitions, film screenings, talks, tours and free family events.

The Polish Cultural Festival Association will present the Polish Scottish Heritage Festival 18-29 June 2014 with over 20 events taking place across Edinburgh. This Festival is as unique as the cultures it celebrates!

We are proud to provide an opportunity to display the ways Poland and Scotland have connected through history and we hope your hearts are warmed as you are able to explore the profound links in this human story. Did you know that Bonnie Prince Charlie was half Polish? That Polish soldiers were fighting for Scotland in WWII or that Polish scientists cracked the enigma code? That almost 40,000 Scots migrated to Poland in the 16th and 17th century? That Chopin visited Scotland? And there’s more to discover!

The Polish Scottish Heritage Festival will start at the Scottish Parliament on 18th June with a multimedia exhibition and a lecture by Professor Robert Frost. This event is being kindly sponsored by Jean Urquhart MSP.

One of the highlights of the festival is an eventful Polish Scottish Heritage Weekend at Summerhall on 21 and 22 June. Some of the many events to watch out for include the Polish Scottish Heritage exhibition, a concert by Katy Carr and the Aviators, a concert by Louise Rutkowski, thought provoking readings by Martin Stepek and Jenny Robertson and a lecture by Billy Kay. We’ll also celebrate our cultural overlap with an arts-and-crafts showcase, free family workshops and a Ceilidh with a Polish twist.

Local historians will be available to provide guided walks and talks to help visitors understand the amazing and fascinating history of the Polish Scottish history.

Visitors will also have an opportunity to taste Polish Scottish fusion cuisine created especially for this occasion and available in restaurants and cafés in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

“Scotland and Poland have fraternal bonds going back centuries. Our people have moved from one country to the other, taking artistic musical arid literary traditions with them. Our shared heritage is to be celebrated, but so is our shared future. I hope that the festival highlights the many benefits of Scotland’s links to Poland and that the tireless efforts of Scotland’s Polish community- who have contributed so much to the towns, cities and villages they have made home- is acknowledged by all”.

Jean Urquhart is an Independent MSP for the Highlands and Islands and the Convener of the Cra5s-Party Group on Poland in the Scottish Parliament, The Polish Scottish Heritage Project is run by the Polish Cultural Festival Association and is funded by: Heritage Lottery Fund Scotland, the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Historic Scotland, the Polish Cultural Institute in London and Polish Connections Scotland.
Cohn McLean, Head of HLF Scotland said ‘The Heritage Lottery Fund is pleased to be able to support this festival project. The Polish community plays an important role in Scotland’s cultural make-up and this project has helped to preserve this unique heritage and bring the stories to life.’


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