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Many countries in the world imposed a ban on smoking in public places. Breaking the law is punished with high fines. Both the individuals and the proprietors of the places where the ban exists are to respect it. Because of the fact that smoking is extremely unhealthy, Polish authorities decided to implement a similar act. However, it covers only bus stops, administration buildings and post offices. As to restaurants, bars and cafés, the decision belongs to their owners. Taking all that facts into consideration, we may wonder – is the ban right? Should we force people to forget about smoking in public places? If we want to be fair on non-smokers, there is no other option.

The biggest problem concerning the troublesome addiction is that while having a cigarette, a huge amount of smoke is produced. Especially in public places, a pleasure for ones can be very irritating for others, who do not want to inhale all the toxic substances. What is more, because of too much smoke in the air, all nearby clothes, hair and bodies give off unpleasant smell. Thin-skinned people may have headaches, fill dizzy or even feel sick. For this reason it is necessary to ban smoking wherever it is highly controversial.


Yet another point is that the addiction is detrimental to our constitution. Even second hand smoke can cause the same problems as direct smoking. These are: cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and lung ailments (such as asthma, bronchitis or emphysema). In 2002 it was scientifically proven by the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization that non-smokers are exposed to the same carcinogens as active smokers. Needles to say, bans on smoking in some cafés and restaurants can significantly improve the quality of the air in these establishments.

On the other hand, many people got used to smoking so much, that they cannot even imagine life without cigarettes. For this reason it would be very difficult for them not to smoke while in pubs, bars or restaurants. If it was forbidden, they would simply give up visiting such places and lead them to bankruptcy. Contrary to popular belief, there is a solution of this problem. By providing special areas for smokers and non-smokers, we can please everybody.


Taking all these facts into consideration, people should not approve of the behaviour that adversely affects our health and well-being, such as smoking cigarettes. As a society we have gone mature to such an extent that we banned drugs or alcohol, because we understood that it kills. It is more than certain that in the near future we will also include smoking, however, why wait any longer? People should understand and acknowledge the fact that the protection of life is much more important than the protection of smokers’ rights.


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