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Summer meeting at the Jagiellonian University in London

Summer meeting at the Jagiellonian University in London

Arkady Rzegocki, Polski Ośrodek Naukowy UJ w LondynieBelow you can find photographs from my trip to London. I went there to take part in the 2014 Summer Meeting of students, doctoral students and other PON sympathizers with their families at the Jagiellonian University in London. 

The JU Polish Research Centre in London was established with a very specific goal in mind. Established by academics, it is to serve other scholars both in Poland and the UK. Its goal is not only to promote the work of those researchers, but also, with their help, to ensure a high level of education of Europeans, Polish emigrants and people living in the United Kingdom.

The Jagiellonian University Polish Research Centre has brought a piece of one of the oldest and best European universities into the United Kingdom’s capital city. Only here you can find the Jagiellonian traditions represented by most prominent Polish and British professors.

The Jagiellonian University (then: Main Crown School in Krakow) was founded in the mid-14th century (1364) by King Casimir III of Poland. In the 1390s the royal couple, King Wladyslaw Jagiello and his wife Saint Jadwiga, decided to support the school, so the queen donated all of her personal jewellery to the Academy of Krakow. The university was the first in Europe to establish independent chairs in Mathematics and Astronomy. Later, in 1817, the university was renamed as Jagiellonian University to commemorate Poland’s Jagiellonian dynasty.

One of the most notable alumni are: astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, king Jan III Sobieski, pope John Paul II, poet Wislawa Szymborska, historian Norman Davies, Wojciech Inglot (founder of INGLOT company), and many others.


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