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The “Journalistic Review” – our team and work

The “Journalistic Review” – our team and work

In the “Journalistic Review’s” team there are many outstanding personalities like politicians, businessmen, NGO activists, lawyers, economists, poets, journalists, bloggers, writers and people of art and culture. They are namely:
– professor Longin Pastusiak, the former vice president of NATO Parliament Assembly and the former Marshal of Senate – the upper house of the Polish parliament
– professor Tadeusz Iwinski, former member (1991-2015) of Sejm – the lower house of the Polish parliament
Leslaw Lech, former Member of the Polish Parliament, Democratic Party
Krzysztof Zielinski, one of the top Green Party politicians
Marek Klimczak, former Deputy Mayor of the city of Lodz, a left wing politician
Jerzy Hutek, a film director and a former editor-in-chief of a left wing newspaper
Sebastian Binkowski, the president of “Senne Marzenie” charity foundation
Natalie Graszewicz and Dominik Socha, co-presidents of “Polonia Restituta” NGO in the United Kingdom
– professor Stanislaw Raczynski, a scientist and a writer living in Mexico
Justyna Borowiecka, a blogger, a journalist, a writer and a photographer
Jan Adamski, a former manager of: LOT Polish Airlines, Polenergia, Brasco, Totalizator Sportowy
– and others (writers, journalists, lawyers, bloggers, economists, theologists, scientists, philosophers – more than 20 people in total).

Pawel Rogalinski is the editor-in-chief of the “Journalistic Review” and Justyna Borowiecka is the deputy editor-in-chief. We all consult the topics of our articles, we often use brainstorming and create one, consistent profile of the website. In a nutshell, our aim is to defend the highest standards of democracy, promote human rights, civil rights, diversity, tolerance, equality between women and men, and to raise ecological awareness of the society. We also condemn racism, xenophobia, homophobia, vision of state based on the arbitrary use of power, and religious hatred acts.

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