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World Responsible Leaders will meet in Munich

World Responsible Leaders will meet in Munich

I was invited – as a member of the world’s Responsible Leaders Network – to take part in the 5th World Responsible Leaders Forum – which will take place in Munich on May 19-22, 2016. During this fantastic event I will have the opportunity to meet some of Germany’s top social innovators as well as work together with other Responsible Leaders on developing innovative solutions to current global challenges. As the organisers underline, 2016 marks BMW’s centenary, and they “could not think of a more ideal place for this year’s forum than Munich – the very home of BMW.”

Every two years, the World Responsible Leaders Forum brings together their growing network of international leaders. Driven by their belief that the Responsible Leaders play a hugely significant role in the overall impact of the foundation, they invited their forum participants to build connections with each other and with the BMW Foundation around its two guiding themes “Global Dialogue” and “Society and Innovation”, get actively engaged in the diverse and innovative societal initiatives run and funded by the Foundation, intensify their charitable commitments on a personal and professional level promote global understanding. There willl be a broad range of interactive formats on offer, which allow plenty of opportunity for discussion and active participation.

 I will be a panellist and will take a part in a discussion about funding mechanisms for NGOs in transformation countries.


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